Introduction to Herai Pharma Factory

HERAI Pharma is one of the most modern pharmaceutical factories in the country, which obtained its establishment license from the relevant official authorities in 2015 and after two years of planning, the construction of Production and Administration Buildings was completed under the supervision of foreign and domestic engineers

After completing the construction process by adapting the green areas according to the principles of Environmental Department, the operation of its first production phase has started with an area of 900 square meters of infrastructure along with an administration building according to the principles of GMPand a completely standard Stock with an area of 600 square meters which has all the storages and maintenance criteria based on GSP standards with the most modern air conditioners equipped with HEPA filters. it has provided the most modern fully automatic machines for its three production lines (Capsules, Tablets & Suspensions), and after transferring them to the country, they were installed and set up in the relevant places under the supervision of foreign and domestic engineers.

HERAI Pharma Factory has the most well-equipped Laboratory with professional members, that perform the required analytical and descriptive tests using the global standards of USP, BP and IP.

For the first time, Herai Pharma started producing its products according to the instructions of Pharmaceutical Regulations National office, considering the accepted standards of Medicine by the most experienced domestic pharmacists in 1398, which its production level has reached 30 products.

According to global health regulations, Herai Pharma uses Clean Room, Air Shower, Pass Box, air conditioners and fully automatic Machines to produce its Medical Products.