About Us

History of Herai Pharma Co.

Herai Pharma is one of the modern medicine production factories in the country, that was established by an expert and committed team with the aim of Expansion of Quality and Creativity, after obtaining its license in the year 2016.
The first production phase of this factory with having a 900-meter square area was established with having 3 production lines (Tablet, Capsule and Suspension) Considering the rules of GMP, the Ministry of the Public Health and Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Drugs & Foods and the Factory operation was started at the end of 2019.
Herai Pharma production lines are equipped with fully automatic machines which can supply a large volume of the country’s pharmaceutical needs.
Herai Pharma’s efforts to increase the production of medicines are not limited and it always tries to expand the production of high-quality medicines, until one day we see high-quality pharmaceutical products in Afghanistan compete with products abroad.


Why Herai Pharma?

What makes our products superior.


Herai Pharma Factory produces different types of tablets, capsules and suspensions using the latest technology, devices and high quality raw materials of reliable companies from different countries in the region and the world and supplies to Afghan markets, which in terms of quality is equal to or higher than imported foreign products.

Work team

This Factory has technical, scientific, professional and experienced personnel of pharmaceutical, medical and technological science who use new and updated technology and produce high quality products.

Our Goals

Herai Pharma Factory with modern up-to-date facilities and professional and experienced personnel in compliance with GMP principles, produces the most effective forms of medicine, which is an effective step towards the self-sufficiency of the country's medicine production.<br /> This factory always tries to supply the necessary items of the country with excellent quality and reasonable prices to the Afghan market to alternate foreign and imported products.


Herai Pharma Factory environment includes production, office and green environment, all production departments are equipped with the latest and most modern devices in accordance with GMP principles to produce the final pharmaceutical products with GMP standards and compete with products of other countries.

Herai Pharma Products

Suspension, Tablets and Capsules Products


Herai Pharma Factory

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