A Brief about Herai Pharma

Herai Pharma Pharmaceutical Factory is one of the most modern Pharmaceutical Production factories in the country which has started operating in 1398 with 40 experienced employees in the technical, administrative and serving sectors with the aim of expanding the quality and creativity.

The factory has built its first production phase in an area of 900 square meters and a standard stock with an area of 600 square meters in a land area of 15,000 square meters located in Industrial Town, Herat, Afghanistan. That has the annual production capacity of millions of tablets, capsules and dry syrups.

The raw materials in Harry Pharma Pharmaceutical Factory is provided from the world’s most reliable companies and follows the principles of the CGMP and the World Health Organization (WHO) in manufacturing and controlling its products.

Currently Herai Pharma has licenses to produce a variety of medicinal products such as antibiotics, analgesics and antiseptics from official authorities, which its production level has reached 30 products.

Producing and Supplying effective, safe and high-quality products in the country, and a step forward to self-sufficiency

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Herai Pharma Pharmaceutical Factory is considering itself obliged to serve the community by providing suitable medical products according to the requirements of health community, and laws of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the instructions of the Ministry of Public Health and the Regulation of Medicines and health products Office.

Therefore, a group of professional and non-professional investors decided to take a valuable step towards self-sufficiency in the country and improve health by understanding patriotism and creating jobs for a number of our compatriots and also to have the honor of developing technical knowledge in the country.

  • Continuous efforts to improve the quality of Medical products
  • Observance of professional standards and ensuring the principle of honesty and merit
  • Providing and maintaining quality and transparency in Producing and Supplying products
  • Paying special attention to quality, effectiveness, safety and reasonable price
  • Satisfying the people and the community

Herai Pharma tries to meet the country’s pharmaceutical needs by producing and supplying effective, safe and high-quality medical products in the country.

  1. Production of effective and high-quality products, According to the principles of the World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. Improving domestic production capacity through training programs.
  3. Quantitative and qualitative improvement of human resources in order to improve services
  4. Consistent efforts to develop the Factory more effectively
  5. Achieved CGMP, GLP, GSP and ISO certificates
  6. Collaborate in protecting the environment and building a healthy environment
  7. Creating Job Opportunities for professionals, administrates and serving employees
  8. Provide safety and health conditions for employees
  9. Ensuring product quality assurance and consumer satisfaction
  10. Develop long-term strategies for working with foreign companies and developing export markets
  11. Establishing mutual cooperation with universities according to the knowledge-based principle
  12. Creating economic added value and ensuring a permanent increase in shareholders’ assets